Baby Seal Pup Born Today At Louisville Zoo On Video

Louisville Zoo

Watch the video down below to see the baby seal pup born on video.This video was recorded by the Louisville Zoo in Louisville Kentucky. Rona the 6-year-old gray seal gave birth to her first pup Monday morning. Officials with the zoo made the announcement later Monday afternoon, adding that Rona and her unnamed pup are doing well. According to the Louisville Zoo, Rona and her pup will remain off exhibit — by themselves — to prevent any disruption of their bonding experience. Officials said they are being especially carefully to not

Mothers nurse their pups for approximately 16 days. After pups are weaned, mothers may leave the colony but pups remain for several more days or weeks living off blubber reserves. Although most pups are born in February through July, the pupping season varies widely among the regional populations. Harbor seals of the northern Pacific population give birth from May to July. Farther south, the pupping season becomes progressively earlier; in Baja California, the season is February and March.

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